Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is J.K. Rowling

Followers of major news events awaited a big, annual announcement this morning. At about 7:45 a.m. in New York City, it came. TIME magazine chose Russian President Vladimir Putin as the Person of the Year for 2007. In this 80-year-old tradition, TIME editors recognize the person, group or (sometimes) idea that has influenced events and had the greatest impact on the world for the preceding 12 months. Richard Stengel, the Managing Editor of TIME, points to Putin's brand of strong leadership and his success at stabilizing Russia, the largest country on Earth, as key reasons for making him this year's choice.
J.P. MASCLETJ.K. Rowling, TFK Person of the Year
At TIME FOR KIDS, the focus was on the people who had been most influential in kids' lives this year. After much debate, TFK chose J.K. Rowling as its Person of the Year. In 2007, Rowling published the seventh book in the Harry Potter series, finishing the tale of Harry's years at Hogwarts Academy and his epic battle with pure evil. She has sold 400 million books, and made avid readers of many kids who are not easily persuaded to read for fun. She also created a character and a world that generations to come will find compelling, entertaining and simply magical. A special issue of TIME For Kids magazine in January will feature Rowling's story, complete with excerpts from an exclusive TIME magazine interview by Nancy Gibbs.

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